Get Higher Converting Amazon Ads Immediately

Apr 18, 2023

Here are my 5 tips for getting more clicks on your ads and selling more products. I have launched over 80 private label brands that generate at least $50 in profit per day, and I believe anyone can achieve this level of success by following his advice.

Here are his top five tips:

  1. Change your main image. Your main image is arguably the most important aspect of your listing. My wife and I changed the main image of our first product at least nine times before settling on one that worked. They experimented with different angles, props, and photographers to find the perfect image that would catch people's attention. I suggest including your packaging or adding a prop to showcase your product in use. Small changes to your main image can make a massive difference in attracting more clicks.

  2. Optimize your title. Make sure that your product's title includes what most people are looking for. Highlight your product's attributes and make the title interesting and engaging. For example, instead of "Pen for women and men," try "Easy to hold ballpoint pen with extra refills." By making your title more specific and targeted, you can increase the likelihood that people will click on your product.

  3. Target your ads. When using ads to promote your product, target specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to your product. For example, if your brand is called "Aaron," you would want to target keywords like "Aaron's brand pen" or "Aaron's brand ballpoint pen for men." Use broad match targeting to capture a wider audience but don't let your competitors bid on your keywords and steal your customers. By targeting your ads effectively, you can increase your ad spend's return on investment.

  4. Trademark your brand name. Trademarking your brand name allowed you to run sponsored Brands videos. Sponsored Brands videos are a type of ad that shows your product in action when someone is searching for it. By showcasing your product in a video, you can demonstrate its features and benefits more effectively than with just images and text. You don't need a fancy camera or anything - use your iPhone or if you want to you can hire someone to shoot the video for you. By using sponsored Brands videos, you can increase the chances that people will click on your product and make a purchase.

  5. Monitor your advertising costs. Keep a close eye on your advertising cost of sales (ACoS) and adjust your bids and keywords accordingly. By keeping your ACoS low, you can maximize your profits and ensure that your ads are effective. I have had an 80% success rate in launching profitable products. 

In conclusion, by optimizing your product's main image and title, targeting your ads effectively, trademarking your brand name, and monitoring your advertising costs, you can increase your chances of success on Amazon. By following these five tips, you can get more clicks on your ads and sell more products on Amazon.


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